Minecraft Rules

Be sure to read and understand all the below rules.

  1. Cheating

    Using a modified client to gain an advantage, attempting to crash the server, and any other exploits used to modify gameplay are explicitly forbidden. There is a zero-tolerance policy for this offense.
  2. RMT/RWT

    Real Money Trading/Real World Trading is explicitly forbidden. This includes trading money or premium membership for in-game currency, services, or items.
  3. Griefing

    Breaking blocks, placing liquids, or otherwise mutilating the property, livestock, or pets of others is not allowed. In-character pranks/griefing must be handled with all parties communicating and consenting OOC.
  4. Farming

    AFK farming resources or XP is not allowed. This includes farms that utilize server-taxing redstone, farms that require no player interaction, and farms that can lag the server in any way. Iron Golem or Piglin Iron/Gold farming is not allowed as it breaks the in-game economy.
  5. Inactivity

    Players who leave a build inactive for 60+ days will forfeit their 'ownership' of a building, allowing others to take it down or utilize its resources.
  6. Server Performance

    Any builds that negatively affect or are considered taxing on server performance are not allowed. ex: Ice boat tunnels, automatic or large mob farms, clock-based redstone, excessive campfires, banners, chests, or item frames.
  7. Disconnecting While Engaged

    Attempting to disconnect from the server while engaged in RP situations, in combat, or in moderator interactions/investigations is forbidden.
  8. Player Deaths

    If a player is killed by legitimate causes including PvP, PvE, or negligence, their items are free rein to the forces of the game; be it mob pickups, lava, or players thieving it. Graves may not be camped if a player dies as a result of PvP. Camping consists of staying at a grave after looting with the intent of killing the player again.
  9. NSFW Content

    18+ does not mean NSFW is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to – nicknames, skins, buildings, signs, item names, books, roleplay actions, and text chat. NSFW content includes graphic depictions of violence such as gore, sexual references, and other explicit material.
  10. Theft

    Theft is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to – stealing blocks, books, or animals, or from chests. All theft must be reported using the ticket system.
  11. Alternate Accounts & Nicknames

    The use of alt accounts is strictly forbidden. Nicknames must be alphanumeric (and underscores) [A-Za-z0-9_]. The first four characters of a nickname must match the first four characters of the username.
  12. Utilizing Inaccessible Areas

    Attempting to occupy, build, or access the roof or underside of the Nether and Overworld is forbidden.