Getting Started with Valence

1. Join the Discord and Login

You are required to be a member of our Discord server to play on Valence.

Click here to login and create your account.

2. Link Your Account

Click here to link your account, so that we know who you are!

This involves joining the server to get a linking code and putting it in the website.

Make sure you have Minecraft 1.20.1.

3. Submit a Whitelist Application

Click here to submit a whitelist application, to be approved by a member of our Support Team.

4. Wait To Be Approved

Now you wait! Once a member of our Support Team approves your whitelist, you'll receive a Discord message from our bot.

5. Play!

Hurray! You've been approved! Now you can hop on! Make sure you have Minecraft 1.20.1 installed, and join!