Discord Rules

Be sure to read and understand all the below rules.

  1. Discord TOS applies to our Discord server. Read here: https://discordapp.com/terms. In accordance with this, the streaming of copyrighted content from Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Crunchyroll, and others is prohibited. Furthermore, the server is 18+ only. Any content depicting minors including photos, art, etc. is not permitted.
  2. At no point is any discrimination, sexism, bullying, gossip, or other harassment acceptable. Rumors and gossip are also subject to disciplinary action. Any hate directed towards staff or members of the community, can and will lead to punishment.
  3. No NSFW or offensive posts, profile pictures/banners, or profile descriptions.
  4. The server is multinational, however, English must be the only language spoken/typed, unless stated otherwise.
  5. Using any type of IP Grabber will result in a permanent ban.
  6. Any server glitches must be reported and any use of exploits is not permitted. No Discord or PC crashing links.
  7. No publishing of personal information (including real names, addresses, emails, passwords, bank account and credit card information, etc.) is permitted.
  8. No political/religious statements, discussions, or references are permitted. This includes profile pictures, public statuses, and usernames.
  9. No linking to other servers or advertising of communities unless confirmed with a manager. The creation or advertising of Valence-related discords, such as 'Community Discords', is also strictly prohibited.
  10. No impersonating staff or players in or outside of the community.
  11. If you see a user/staff member breaking the rules, feel free to report it to the moderators or admins with some proof.
  12. DDoS threats are against community rules. DDoSing will result in a permanent ban, and possibly prosecution.
  13. All members of staff must be respected, but any decision may be challenged, provided it is done so in a respectful and organised manner. Any hate directed towards staff or members of the community, can and will lead to punishment.
  14. Avoid spamming emoticons in chat. This includes spamming reactions. Mic spamming in voice channels is not allowed. No “Dot Art” or similar types of message formatting. Overusing soundboards in a voice channel is against voice channel rules. No channel hopping.
  15. No inviting unofficial bots.
  16. No @mentioning staff or everyone/here. No DMing staff.